Monday, February 11, 2008

Who's Reading / How Did They Get Here?

Posted by Phil Whiteway
Ever wonder who reads about Richmond theatre on the Barksdale blog? Well, our site meter won’t tell us who, but it does provide us with this information, for all you trivia buffs.

As of 10 pm this evening, 126 people have visited the blog since midnight last night. Of the last 100 visitors:
47 were from Richmond;
11 from Glen Allen;
4 from Rochester NY;
3 each from Harrisonburg VA and Astoria NY;
2 each from Ashland VA, Juneau AL, Hailey ID, Manassas VA and Hoxie AR; and
1 each from Midlothian VA, Lafayette IN, St Paul MN, Greer SC, Spartanburg SC, Cumberland VA, Van Nuys CA, Buffalo NY, Oswego NY, Atlanta GA, San Antonio TX, Brooklyn NY, Springfield VA, Summit NJ, Palatine IL, Cumberland VA, Goochland, Montgomery AL, Elmhurst NJ and Arlington VA.

And how did they get to us?
41 of these last 100 visitors linked to the blog from Barksdale’s homepage,
26 from unknown places,
6 from Dave Timberline’s blog,
4 from our Doubt page,
3 from Robin Harris-Jones’s blog,
2 from our Greater Tuna Guys and Dolls audition page,
2 from a Google blog search for “Studio Arena,”
1 from our Coffee & Conversations page,
1 from our Meet the Stars page,
1 from our Directions to Willow Lawn page,
1 from our Email Newsletter Sign-Up page,
1 from Windows Live Hotmail,
1 from a Yahoo search for “Michelle Shay actress,”
1 from a Yahoo search for “Alex Privatera,”
1 from a Yahoo search for “the Jane Froman Show,”
1 from a Google search for “Pernell Roberts today,”
1 from a Google search for “Gigi Galiffa,”
1 from a Google search for “Grant Mudge,”
1 from a Google search for “Emily Cole-Bitz,”
1 from a Google search for “Nina Abady,”
1 from a Google search for “Eric Williams Theatre IV,”
1 from a Google search for “Jack Cummings Richmond Virginia,” and
1 from an AOL search for “Carlton Candler.”

We normally pay no attention to this info on our site meter, and the info changes every day with no back-up. So don’t worry; your secrets are safe. But since everyone was getting so excited, I decided I’d check just to see who was looking in on our LORT conversation, and I thought some of you may find it interesting.

PS – I just checked again and our readership is now up to 133, the most hits we’ve had in one day in a while. People really care on both sides of this LORT issue. That’s a GREAT thing.

--Phil Whiteway


Anonymous said...

I bet I can guess who was reading from Juneau AL and who was reading from Lafayette, IN...!!


Triathlonmom said...

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Anonymous said...

Howdy from Idaho! I always check out the B'dale blog, doesn't matter if I'm in town or not!

Debra Wagoner
currently in Hailey, Idaho :-)