Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do Two Slam Dunk Reviews Make Doubt: A Parable a Hit?

Posted by Billy Christopher Maupin

If they don't, then perhaps four sold out shows in the first two weekends of performances do.

Dave Timberline's review "Nun Better" appears in tomorrow's issue of STYLE Weekly.

A few highlights:

"No need to think twice: Barksdale’s
Doubt: A Parable is a winner."
"...an edgy and engrossing delight."
And my personal favorite quote from the review:
"Under Keri Wormald’s meticulous direction,
the Barksdale’s cast doesn’t just do justice to
John Patrick Shanley’s
Pulitzer Prize-winning script;
it delivers a precision-cut gem of a production,
each facet sharp and sparkling."
Tickets may be reserved online through the Barksdale Theatre website or by calling the box office at 282-2620.
(The full review may be viewed by clicking "Nun Better" above or via http://www.styleweekly.com/article.asp?idarticle=16373.)

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