Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How We Help ... St. Christopher's

Posted by Phil Whiteway

Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV were happy to help out St. Christopher’s School this past weekend. St. Christopher’s helps us each year with our after school enrichment program for less advantaged elementary students at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School on Oregon Hill. When our St. Andrew’s students attend a Theatre IV production in the Empire, high school students from St. Christopher’s accompany them as mentors and “big brothers.”

In January the St. Christopher’s Annual Auction Committee contacted Judi Crenshaw, our publicist extraordinaire, about the possibility of our providing historical characters to enhance their annual development event. St. Chris’s theme this year revolved around patriotism, and our partners at St. Chris were looking for actors to play George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. These were paid gigs for the actors, but St. Chris asked if we at Barksdale would donate our time and expertise, helping out with organization, casting and costuming.

We said “yes.” Judi Crenshaw (our publicist) organized the project, Ford Flannagan (our company manager) assisted Judi in finding actors who came in the same size as the costumes, Sue Griffin (our costume director) managed wardrobe, and Catherine Dudley (our marketing assistant) recorded the donation. Our costume department in particular went well above and beyond the call of duty assembling garments, wigs, hats and various Colonial and Revolutionary accoutrements.

On Saturday, Feb 23, the Auction took place and our four “patriots” mingled with the 350 St. Christopher supporters. Fun times were had by all.

Barksdale and Theatre IV donate tickets and services to hundreds of fellow nonprofits throughout Greater Richmond every year. Through this How We Help spotlight series, we hope to make you more aware of this vital part of our operation.

--Phil Whiteway

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