Sunday, June 15, 2008

Haubenstock Hallelujah

Posted by Bruce Miller

I woke up this morning to good news in the Richmond Times-Dispatch! Guys and Dolls earned its first rave.

Under the headline "Rendition of Popular Musical Full of Dreamy Performances," Susan Haubenstock wrote:

"Finally it comes: the first notes of 'Fugue for Tinhorns,' sung in the new Barksdale-at-Empire production by the supremely gifted Jason Marks. Harmonized and counterpointed by the grittier voices of Landon Nagel and David Malachai Becker, the song is the signal for the treat about to come."

"It's the 1950 Frank Loesser / Abe Burrows / Jo Swerling hit based on Damon Runyon's tales of New York touts and tarts. And in Patti D'Beck's luscious staging, it's a summer dream, set in a Candyland-pallette Manhattan (even the sewer is lollipop-colored) with cheerful lighting by Lynne M. Hartman. Ron Keller's scenic elements cleverly spin, slide and unfold as D'Beck takes us through a fantasy New York where the Save-a-Soul Mission can actually convert a hard-boiled gambler."

I LOVE great reviews, particularly when the show is as deserving as this production of Guys and Dolls. We have approximately 15,000 seats available for sale this summer, and we have high hopes of filling them all.

Here are quotes we'll be excerpting from Suzie's review:

One blockbuster number after the next.

Fabulous Throughout ~ A Summer Dream
A Lovely Performance *** A Fantasy New York
Flashy! Snappy! Supremely Gifted!

We hope you'll make your plans now to join us this summer for this "especially noteworthy" (one last Haubenstock hallelujah) classic American musical. I know you'll be glad you did!

--Bruce Miller


Richard St. Peter said...

I love that show and it is so incredibly perfect for the Empire Stage. Congrats to all involved on the first great review (I'm sure there will be more) and I hope you sell all 15,000 seats and then some! Have a great summer and have a great time running with such a great musical!!!

Rick St. Peter

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go see Guys and Dolls this weekend. I've heard it's Richmond's best musical ever. Really, that's what two of my friends have told me, and they go to plays all the time. I can't wait. Where do I park?

Anonymous said...

I saw the Tony Awards on Sunday night after seeing Guys and Dolls on Saturday night. Your show was just as good, if not better, than anything on the Tonys. Congratulations to all involved. During the summer I hope to see it again and again. And I thought it was so nice and appropriate for you to dedicate it to Millie Jones. She would be very proud to see such a wonderful show on her beloved Broad Street.

Margaret Hampton

Sara Marsden said...

To Anonymous,

Parking is available just across the street at Grace and Adams. We also have valet parking for $5 per car. Just pull up in front of the Empire Theatre and we will take care of the rest. Enjoy the show!

Bruce Miller said...

And the valet parking is FREE for subscribers!