Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They Like Us; They Really Like Us

Posted by Bruce Miller
What a weekend! On Friday we opened our colossal hit production of Guys and Dolls. On Saturday we won an Emmy Award. On Sunday we bid a fond farewell to Greater Tuna at Hano …

Wait a minute! What happened on Saturday? Did you say, “WON AN EMMY!!”??

Well, yes, as a matter of fact I did. The 50th Annual Emmy Awards were presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Capital Region) on Saturday, June 14, at the Ritz Carlton in Washington D. C.

And Barksdale Theatre WON!!! (That's Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy kissing our Emmy!)

To quote from their press release, “The Academy’s Emmy Award is the industry’s benchmark for the recognition of television excellence.” The Capital Region includes all of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D. C. So we were up against some pretty serious competition.

In the category “Commercial – Single Spot,” there were five nominations and Barksdale came home a WINNER. All right, I think, actually, WWBT – Joel Traylor, Producer came home a winner. At least it looks like he or they get to keep the tchotchke. But when they read the name of the winner from the dais on Saturday night, they read “Barksdale Theatre Commercial,” and so, as far as I’m concerned, WE WON AN EMMY! (That's Ryan Seacrest of American Idol admiring our Emmy!)

After all, we initiated the commercial, we paid for it, our Marketing Director Sara Marsden art directed it, our actors performed in it, our designers created the sets and costumes that appear in it, our staff brainstormed about what to include in it, our Board approved it, and our theatre’s name is the only name listed in the title.

I in no way want to shortchange or under-recognize the masterful work and creative talent exerted by Joel Traylor and our other friends at WWBT-12. They all did a great job and we couldn’t have done squat without them. But hopefully they won’t mind my swelling with pride over our part in all this either. (That's Jeremy Piven of Entourage smelling our Emmy!)

Congratulations on a job well done to our marketing staff; our directors, choreographers and designers; and our actors: Rachel Abrams, Ford Flannagan, Audra Honaker, Amy Hruska, Katrinah Lewis, Katherine Louis, Billy Christopher Maupin, Robyn O'Neill, Joe Pabst, Steve Perigard, Zak Resnick, Andrea Ross, Russell Rowland, Craig Smith, Eddie Tavares, Harriet Traylor, Jennings Whiteway, Eric Williams and Hannah Zold.

And ... pssst ... if anyone knows where I can acquire an extra one of those attractive statuettes to display in our lobby, call me. Until then, we will simply sign off as – Barksdale Theatre, Central Virginia’s Emmy Award-Winning Stage Company.

I mean, after all, WE WON AN EMMY!!

Here's the Emmy winning commercial:

--Bruce Miller


pnlkotula said...

That is so exciting! Jamie and Paul and I had the pleasure of working with Joel on the GRTC commercial that is currently running on channel 12 (I shamelessly plug my brilliant baby). He and his crew were really great with Jamie, and I hope we get the opportunity to work with them again. Your spot really is stunningly done and well deserving of the honor.

Anonymous said...

I bet Jeremy Piven would never have sniffed your Emmy if Katherine Heigl hadn't kissed it first. Congrats!

Sparky said...

Bruce et al.,

Congratulations! I love the commercial, and I think it's one of the best locally produced commercials I've ever seen (actually, I think it would be in my Top 10 All-Time Favorite Comercials...but I'm biased).

As for the Emmy for the lobby...maybe if you glued wings on a Barbie doll, stuck a big ball of wire in her hands & spray painted her gold...or just do something really avant-garde and pay a gold-painted actor (with wings, etc) to stand in the lobby at every performance - much more eye catching!

Best regards,


joepabst said...

I think I should have a statuette made to 1/10th scale to put on my mantle to represent the 3 seconds of air time I actually have in this commercial!!

Seriously, CONGRATS to Barksdale, to the magnificent Joel Traylor, to NBC, and to everyone involved in this project!! I have shown this commercial to a number of people in my office, and the response is always the same: "Wow! That really makes me want to go to the theatre!"