Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Friday's at the Empire!

Posted by Catherine Dudley
I just wanted to let you guys all know… if you’re not coming downtown on the first Friday of every month- you’re missing out! At every event the streets are swarming with people, and the energy is amazing. The restaurants are packed, the art galleries are filled to capacity, the music is spilling out into the streets from numerous storefronts and we, here at the Empire Theatre, are proud to show off our beautiful and historic building. Some months our lobby presents live music from awesome bands around the Richmond area, and some months we have a video montage of several of our past productions playing on a large screen in the lobby. Every month there is a gallery display of some kind- photography, artwork, sculpture, costume display, etc…, but there is always a ton to be seen. The bar is ready to serve, and the theatre space itself is ready to be admired. So come on down and join us every First Friday night, and see what you’ve been missing! The theatre beckons…

(This Friday also come check out a cabaret featuring
Keydron Dunn, Russell Rowland, Billy Christopher Maupin, Andrea Ross, Audrey Snyder, Robin Harris-Jones, Janine Serresseque, Corey Davis and Chloe Williams.)

-Catherine Dudley

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