Thursday, September 27, 2007

Barksdale on Air

Posted by Jessica Daugherty
Barksdale AdThe video currently gracing the top of our homepage is a new Barksdale television commercial produced by NBC 12's Joel Traylor, who worked with our Marketing Director, Sara Marsden and Marketing Assistant, Catherine Dudley. Look for it to air on Channel 12 beginning on Friday, September 28.

Barksdale theatre-goers will recognize several familiar faces from past productions, and the clip ends with the incomparable Ford Flannagan - an accomplished actor, and Theatre IV's Company Manager for many years. He casts all those touring actors that Bruce has been introducing in the blog posts below. Small world... Speaking of which, it turns out I went to high school with our new ad's producer back in the day. Go Lancers!

Visit our homepage to see the commercial.

--Jessica Daugherty, Internet Services


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