Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sherrier Showers "Souvenir" with Praise

Posted by Bruce Miller
Dan Sherrier has written a glowing review of Souvenir, the elegant little comedy with music now playing at Hanover Tavern, starring Debra Wagoner and Jonathan Spivey. Here are the review quotes we'll be pulling:

“Especially Fun!
Two Excellent Performances
Funny! Audience rolled with laughter!
Powerful ~ Comedic ~ Impressive
True Talent
Barksdale’s Souvenir Delights!”

--Dan Sherrier, Herald-Progress

If you would like to read the review in its entirety, you can find it at

Barksdale has always been a cultural cornerstone of Hanover County. It's gratifying to read such glowing words in Ashland's own weekly paper.

Souvenir runs through Nov 1, and is dedicated with love and remembrance to the memory of Jay McCullough.

Hope to see you there!

--Bruce Miller

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