Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wichmann is "Outrageously Funny!"

Posted by Bruce Miller

The first review is in, and it looks like Fully Committed is going to be another smash hit.

Under the headline "For one-man play, one word: hilarious," Times-Dispatch critic Julinda Lewis writes:

"Outrageously Funny!

Wichmann's idiosyncratic voices and gestures for each character are crystal clear and ring of authenticity.

It's heartwarming, subtle and heroic to watch Sam learn to take control of his own destiny, manipulate the system, and change subtly from underdog to top dog."

Please come see Scotty in his last Richmond show before shipping off to join the Navy. His performance is world-class, heartfelt, hysterically funny, and not to be missed.

See you at the theatre!

--Bruce Miller

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