Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dan's Declaration - "Talent to Spare!"

Posted by Bruce Miller
Dan Sherrier of Hanover’s Herald-Progress has added his voice to the chorus of approval for Sanders Family Christmas, now playing at our historic home. Under the headline “Sanders Family makes successful return to Hanover Tavern,” Sherrier applauds ever member of the ensemble, calling the show “perfectly cast.”

Here are the review quotes we’ll be pulling:

“Great News!
A fine way to start off the holiday season
Excellent pacing and comedic timing
Wonderfully Played ~ Talent to Spare ~ Especially Fun
Warms your heart and keeps you laughing

--Dan Sherrier, Herald-Progress

There are still a handful of tickets left to see and hear the Sanders clan between now and Christmas, so if you want to add some joyful noise to your advent celebration, please call today.

Or if you wind up waiting until after Christmas to visit Mt Pleasant Baptist (the setting for SFC), know that you'll be in good company with the likes of ... say ... William Shakespeare and the Virgin Queen.

In Shakespeare's time, Twefth Night was a vital part of the Christmas celebration, and Twelfth Night was a four week festival that began on Jan 5 and continued into the beginning of February. The premiere of Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night ended England's Christmas celebration in 1602, and it most likely took place on February 2. (Visit our archives for January 2008 if you'd like to reread Celebrating Twelfth Night, posted earlier this year on Jan 5.)

So if Shakespeare can celebrate Christmas through early February, we can certainly run Sanders Family Christmas through Jan 25. Most of the show focusses on the early days of WWII and other pressing issues in 1941, so the production should play well even during the "extended" season.

See you at the theatre!

--Bruce Miller

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Anonymous said...

I saw this show on a Wednesday matinee. The audience was split down the middle with half senior citizens and half high school students. Here's a real success story. Both groups loved the show, and I do mean "loved." The high school students leapt to their feet at curtain call, and we others followed suit as quickly as we were able. Ah, to be able to leap again. Wouldn't that be nice.

I digress. Thanks to all involved for an absolutely wonderful afternoon. You have a reall crowd pleaser here for ALL ages.