Friday, December 5, 2008

Carol Meese Shares Her Paintings

Posted by Bruce Miller
There’s no intermission in This Wonderful Life, so when you come to visit Scotty in Bedford Falls be sure to arrive a little early or stay a little late to take in the work of Petersburg artist Carol Meese, now on display in our lobby. Carol is an artist whose paintings I’ve enjoyed when I’ve visited her Richmond gallery space at Crossroads Arts Center, located near Willow Lawn, just north of the intersection of Broad and Staples Mill.

I’ve always found her work to be “dramatic,” and so I wasn’t surprised when I met her to learn that she has a background in theatre. Carol has graciously leant nine works from two recent shows, Runway and Color and Light Revisited.

Her artist statement for Runway reads as follows:

“I have long been enamored by high fashion. As an art form that embraces fantasy, fashion is at once sumptuous, voluptuous, celebratory, transformative and fragile. Growing up around theatre, I fell in love with costumes and their magical ability to transform. I had my favorites: red cowboy boots, pink rabbit fur slippers, a ruby brocade smoking jacket, six inch silver heels, long red gloves, a black squash velvet hat I wore in Paris, a silver cigarette holder and case (I never smoked), my strapless blue chiffon prom dress, black combat boots.

Designers like John Galliano and Christian LaCroix are over the top and lead us to possibilities unimagined. Many of these paintings are inspired by The Runway Shows. Oh if only I could paint like these designers manipulate fabric!

Color, texture, pattern, swirls and folds—all tasks I like to do with paint. I take off, abstracting when I can, offering more permanence than fabric, these works on canvas are meant to delight. They were fun to paint. Hope you enjoy them.”

Her two paintings from Color and Light Revisited are landscapes inspired by views from rooftops in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Other works from this show will be displayed in our lobby next fall, when we kick off our Latino Theatre Festival in partnership with the Latin Ballet.

Thank you, Carol, for sharing your talents with us.

--Bruce Miller

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Anonymous said...

Your first phrase in this blog entry is going up on my bulletin board:

"There's no intermission in this wonderful life."

How true.

Thanks for your fun, positive and informative blogging. I really enjoy your work.