Sunday, November 30, 2008

Julinda's Jubilation - "Christmas Classic"

Posted by Bruce Miller
The critic has spoken, the box office phones are ringing, and it looks like This Wonderful Life is poised to be the smash hit it deserves to be. Julinda Lewis, Susie Haubenstock’s pinch hitter at the T-D, wrote a glowing assessment of this classic Christmas story and Scotty’s remarkable performance.

Here are the review quotes we’ll be pulling:

A Christmas classic ~ Energetic ~ Endearing
A fast-paced, humorous theatrical tour-de-force
A one-man wonder
A holiday package all wrapped up in Scott Wichmann

--Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times-Dispatch

So book your passage to Bedford Falls soon. I know I’m always trying to hawk tickets. So shoot me; it’s my job. But over and above all that, this really is a show and a performance you won’t want to miss.

--Bruce Miller

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Frank Creasy said...

Nah, don't take Bruce's word for it - take mine.

Okay, full disclosure: Bruce is a friend, so is WHAT? The problem with being an actor who sees his friends onstage is you know them so well, you're rarely surprised at the choices they make. I expected Scott to be very good; and also in the interest of full disclosure, I do tend to be a bit Scroogey at Christmas time. I really hate Christmas music or decorations before Thanksgiving, I believe there should be a law against it!

But there I was Saturday night, laughing out loud at the surprises my friend Scott (and yes, director John Moon) were throwing at me. I can't count how many times my wife turned to me (or vice versa) just to shake our heads in silently saying "Can you believe how good this is?" And of course, "make 'em laugh, make 'em cry" is the old adage. Darned if Scott didn't make me do both. Dancing the Charleston in the style of Jimmy Stewart while narrating the entire scene, not missing a beat? Okay, I give! I know I've done some whacky stuff onstage in my day, but I cannot touch that with a stick! Well, suffice it to say that I was quick to my feet applauding at curtain call. Not that I had to coax others to do likewise.

I'm pretty chock full of Christmas spirit by now. Everyone, do yourselves a favor: Go see the absolutely wonderful "This Wonderful Life". With the word of mouth this show is getting, I can't imagine lots of seats will be available for long.