Monday, December 10, 2007

The Moonlight Shines Brightly Tonight...

Posted by Billy Christopher Maupin has a cool new look. I feel like it had been the same since I moved to Richmond four years ago. I, who generally am all about progress and change, find myself missing the layout that I'm used to, but it has lots of cool new features to check out!

Also, there's a rave review of our production of Moonlight and Magnolias! Yay! Joan Tupponce writes:

"Steve Perigard wisely cast this humorous offering..."

"Pabst's superb comic timing"

"Joy Williams...livens up the scene"

"[Bridewater's] portrayals of Prissy who doesn't know anything about birthing babies and the in-labor Melanie are a scream."

"Wichmann's expressions and mannerisms even when he's not the focus of the audience's attention are authentic and amusing."

"Brian Barker's set is stylish..."

"Definitely an entertaining evening punctuated with moments of hilarity"

Ah, heck, you can read the review in it's entirety on And come see the show!

To reserve your tickets for Barksdale Theatre's production of Moonlight and Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson, call the box office at 282-2620 today!


Jacquie O. said...

I saw the show this past Sat night. It is a must see! And my hats off to the clean up crew...all those peanut shells and bananas!

Joe P said...

Thanks for the link, BC! Cuz, even though's catch phrase seems to be "Find it...", I couldn't find this review... either on the opening page or in the Performing Arts section. Hmmm... Maybe the ellipsis omits the phrase "...or not." Or maybe they should change the catch phrase to "Find it???" :-)

Thespis' Little Helper said... should pass that on to them. That's good. It is the rotating featured article on the performing arts page at the top. there are two of them, so when one of the two isn't up, you have to click to see the other and it's not listed elsewhere. Yeah...odd.