Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Posted by Bruce Miller

To paraphrase Meredith Willson in Here’s Love! (his Broadway musical adaptation of Miracle on 34th Street), it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our Home for the Holidays benefit cabaret on Tuesday evening. With a grateful heart, I’m pleased to report that about 50 of you fine people showed up at the box office and paid-what-you-could on Tuesday night to support the volunteer singers and the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund.

Thank you!

In an effort to duplicate that success at our next performance (Saturday night at 11 pm), we’re offering a special RAPT discount (whether you hold a RAPT card or not) to anyone who has participated in a theatre production anywhere in any way in the last year. If you’ve been on the boards or behind the scenes, just mention that you’d like the RAPT rate when you attend the benefit cabaret this Saturday at 11, and your ticket will be only $10 instead of $25.

Once again, all proceeds go to the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund.

The late night Saturday show is often the one most attended by actors, directors and other theatre insiders. It’s a great chance to get together with friends. I’ve been promised that our surprise emcee has some raucous tricks up her sleeve. The bar will be open. So grab a car-full of thespians and head on down to Barksdale Willow Lawn. We really want to keep building the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund so that it will be there when one of our own needs it the most. And we can't do it without your help.

Alexander Hamilton (he's the dashing young man on the ten spot) was a good lookin' guy, and if he were still alive, he’d be there! So help him out by bringing his picture and contributing it to the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund on Saturday night at 11. It’s a GREAT way to celebrate the holidays together.

Here's Love!

--Bruce Miller


Andrew Hamm said...

Break a leg, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Alexander Hamilton really is a looker, isn't he? I never noticed before. Check out that jauntily raised eyebrow, that confident Macho Lisa smile, and that chiseled jaw line. I'm going to need to pay more attention to my wallet.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

How very cool! I've seen it twice. Way worth the $10...and then some.

And how fun to have entertainment at 11PM on a Saturday night! With fun people!