Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet the Stars for Cocktail Hour Conversation

Posted by Bruce Miller
Join us tonight, Monday, Sept 24, in the lobby at Barksdale Willow Lawn for a fun, free evening, as we kick off a brand new Community Connections series: Meet the Stars!

Director Scott Wichmann, leading lady Katherine Louis and several other members of our cast and creative team of The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers will be on hand to give you an insider’s glimpse behind the scenes of this exciting and important new show.

A fun and informative panel discussion will be accompanied by light hors d’oeuvres (free) and a cash bar. Attendees will sit at tables cabaret style as the informal panel fills you in on all the behind the scenes activity that will really bring the production to life.

The cash bar opens at 6:30, and the panel discussion takes place on the welcoming lobby stage from 7 until 8. The bar will remain open during the entire event, and we hope you’ll buy a drink if for no other reason than to help us cover our expenses. Otherwise, attendance is free and open to the public.

So come one, come all. Be there to Meet the Stars!, and end your Monday with a little luster.

--Bruce Miller

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Anonymous said...

I was interested to hear Dave Bridgewater and Bruce Miller discussing their differences of opinion regarding the validity of Barksdale's Women's Theatre Project. Both men made compelling points, and it was good to see them stick to their guns.

Mr Bridgewater longs for a day when we can just do "great theatre" without any "labels," such as "this play was written by a woman playwright." Mr Miller feels that women playwrights are under-represented in American theatres (the results of my quick and dirty research into the plays produced by other companies lend credence to his opinion). He remains committed to producing at least one play by a woman playwright each year at Barksdale.

It was an interesting issue to ponder.

All of the other cast members from "The Member of the Wedding" were terrific. I can't wait to see the show.

Thanks for a fun and thought-provoking evening.