Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman - A Great Man of the Theatre

Posted by Bruce Miller
Paul Newman died on Friday. He was 83 years young. For many years I’ve respected Paul Newman as much as I’ve respected anyone in my chosen field of theatre. He was a great star, so I’m hardly alone in this. But I have to write it down anyway.

Mr. Newman began his career with the Broadway production of William Inge's Picnic in 1953. (He did some TV prior to his theatrical debut, but his first film was The Silver Chalice in 1954.)

He continued starring in the Broadway productions of The Desperate Hours (1955), Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth (1959), Baby Want a Kiss (1964), and Our Town (2002). (He played George Gibbs in the 50s TV production of Our Town, and played the Stage Manager on Broadway in 2002.)

His celebrity came from his work in films. His legacy will live on through his many exemplary humanitarian enterprises.

There’s a nice memorial piece about Mr. Newman at I recommend it to you. He was one in a million, and his life is worth remembering.

Many, many people will write volumes in tribute to this great man and outstanding artist. My words are not needed; there’s nothing personal I can add. But it doesn’t feel right to remain silent.

He affected our theatre and our work by setting a great example, even if we never had the privilege of a direct connection. The world will miss him. Our full hearts go out to his wife and family.

--Bruce Miller

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