Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miss Daisy Wows the Crowds and Wins Raves

Posted by Bruce Miller
Driving Miss Daisy, our funny and poignant fall show at Hanover Tavern, opened on Friday evening and today earned it's first rave and fourth standing ovation! Daisy was directed expertly by Joe Pabst. The heartwarming play stars Joy Williams, Jim Bynum and Garet Chester.

In this morning's T-D, Susan Haubenstock writes: "Nostalgia is the first emotion elicited by Driving Miss Daisy--nostalgia for the play's period, the post-WWII years up through the civil rights era, and for the 1987 play itself. Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer Prize-winning work pointedly and touchingly looks at race relations in the South by focusing on one well-to-do elderly Jewish widow and one slightly less elderly black man. Through their interactions over 25 years the playwright delicately reveals the prejudices, blind spots and humanity representative of many Americans, yet particular to these two people."

Susie goes on to praise just about everything. Here are the review quotes we'll be pulling and publishing for anyone who'll read them:

“A Godsend!

Three FINE actors:

Joy Williams is a marvelous Miss Daisy.

Jim Bynum inhabits Hoke fully, giving us his dignity, warmth and humor.

Garet Chester is the mirror for both of them.

Joe Pabst directs with emphasis on the comedy,
but he doesn’t short-change the serious moments at all.

A touching, excellent ride!”

--Susan Haubenstock, Richmond Times-Dispatch

The wonderful costumes, wigs and make-up are by Sue Griffin. The attractive set design is by Amy Bale and David Powers, with outstanding scenic painting by Terrie Powers. The evocative lighting is by Bennett Fidlow. But at the end of the day, it's Joy, Jim and Garet who will knock your socks off.

The show is already selling well, and the box office should catch fire after this morning's review. So please plan to join us now for this very funny, very touching look at a meaningful and good-humored American story.

Hope to see you at our Hanover Tavern theatre!

--Bruce Miller

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joepabst said...

This show was such a labor of love for me! I'm thrilled that the response has been so positive. And I must say, the actors are not only amazing in their roles on stage. Joy, Jim and Garet are three of the greatest, nicest, most giving actors that it has ever been my privilege to work with.

I must give credit to the crew as well! Without this group of dedicated individuals, the show would fail. Slade & Randall are backstage making the platform magic happen. Sandy is running constantly to make sure the right costumes & props are in the right place at the right time. And Jessica Dotson, our Stage Manager, keeps it all coordinated from the booth while simultaneously running the lights and sound. Way to go, guys! You're all amazing!

Now I'm sad that my part in all this is over! I miss my "Daisy" family!