Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Got a Horse Right Here

Posted by Bruce Miller
Overnight, everything changed.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote about our favorite budding sports jocks, Scotty Wichmann (or Wickman as they like to say on Sports Radio 910) and Mark Persinger (or Pershinger as they prefer to spell it on WRNL). You can read the previous post to catch up. When I wrote it, they were in the lead in the voting for Best Walk-On Announcer, and deservedly so.

Then this morning, my eyes still blurry with sleep, I noted with dismay that our Bleacher Creatures had dropped, dare I say plummeted, to a struggling second. Either luck was NOT being a lady or someone else’s fans were BUSY last night. The illustrious team of Joe Thomas and Kellen Owings—all right, I gave them a listen, they were OK, but up against Scotty and Mark? I mean COME ON!! No contest!!!—has now catapulted into first place, holding down (through nefarious means, no doubt) 27.01% of the vote. Yeah, that's them pictured to the left.

Our boys are now the brave underdogs, hanging on to 22.95% of the vote—more than 4 percentage points behind the new front runners. And to make matters worse, Michael Strange (a solo act with some appeal but still no match for de Guys) is charging forward with 19.64% of the voters, barely 3 percentage points behind Detroit/Jule and nipping at their heels. That's Michael to the right.

So spread the word to everyone you know. Vote now, vote often, and let’s support our Guys. Mark commented that the best address to reach the voting booth is So use it now and let’s return our home team champions to the top of the heap.

--Bruce Miller


Jacquie said...

Hey Bruce (or Scott & Mark):

I was able to vote 1x, but now when I go to that page the buttons that allow you to vote are gone. Is anyone else having that problem? Or maybe you are only allowed to vote 1x?

Fingers crossed for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not an expert at this, but I know that in the old days of computing, there was a way to set up your computer so that it left no cookies or picked up no cookies--something to do with cookies--anyway, if you did this secret thing and set up your computer in such a manner (a minor and temporary adjustment), then the device on the voting sight that is currently detecting that "Jacqui already voted!" is no longer able to make such a determination. Therefore you get to vote over and over again. Like I say, I no longer remember how to make that happen. But I'll bet money that that's what happened last night when the team of Thomas/Owings suddenly improved their standing by nine percentage points in one evening.

Jacquie said...

Hey Anon thanks for your help. I was able to go into my "tools" and delete my "cookies" and vote again!

Delete my "cookies"...I wonder who came up with that term. But now I am in the mood for some with milk!