Monday, July 14, 2008

Susie's Satisfaction

Posted by Bruce Miller
Our thoughtful new comedy, Shirley Valentine, just opened at Hanover Tavern, and it's already prompting gales of satisfied laughter. The first review appeared in the R T-D this morning, and it brought a burst of sunlight to today’s otherwise rainy dawning. Based on Susan Haubenstock’s positive reactions, it’s looking like we may have another hit on our hands.

All right, Ms. H didn’t love everything. She thought the set change was a little “cumbersome,” one wig was a little "silly," the lights were a little “dramatic,” and the original incidental music a little “thin.” We’re working on it.

But she LOVED lead actress Jill Bari Steinberg, director Amy Berlin, set designers Terrie Powers and David Powers, and costume designer Sue Griffin.

And even more encouraging than Haubenstock's glowing review, the Opening Night audience gave the show a standing ovation, something we usually don’t see at Hanover Tavern.

So if you want to spend a warm, funny and “DELIGHTFUL” evening in the theatre, don’t miss Shirley Valentine. It’s a perfect “girls night out.” And Jill Bari Steinberg, as she so ably proved in The Syringa Tree, is the perfect actress for a joyous and meaningful one-woman triumph.

Here are the quotes we’re pulling from Susie’s favorable review:

Quiet Power, Impressive, Just Right
Steinberg deftly connects us with Shirley’s yearning for life.
Amusing and Touching
Authentic evocations of 1986 Liverpool
Wins Laughs!”

--Susan Haubentock, Richmond Times-Dispatch

And don’t forget about our discounted RUSH tickets. Call the Barksdale box office three hours or less before curtain, and purchase whatever tickets remain for that evening’s performance of Shirley Valentine at the bargain price of only $15. (Guys and Dolls RUSH tickets are $20.) It's your super-cheap passport to an evening of pure pleasure.

See you at the theatre!

--Bruce Miller


pnlkotula said...

Most certainly well-deserved! I did not know the play, and going into it without any preconceptions made it all very touching and real. And my husband loved it, too - drag them along with you girls!

Yay JB!

Keri Wormald said...

No one is less surprised than me that Jill Bari has delivered another fine one-woman performance. And this character is right up her street!

And credit to Amy Berlin as well! Oft forgotten in one-person shows is the director, but it's a tight connection between director and actor that makes a show like this catch fire. I can't wait to see it as I'm returning to Richmond BEFORE it closes.

Congratulations to all!