Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mary's Must See List

Posted by Bruce Miller
A third rave review is now out to add luster to all the great word-of-mouth surrounding our current smash hit, Boleros for the Disenchanted. Mary Burruss wrote glowingly in today’s issue of STYLE, under the headline “Boleros Speaks from the Heart.” There are only four more weeks to catch the first major triumph of the Fall Season! I hope you’ll call for tickets today – 282-2620.
"Jose Rivera’s Boleros for the Disenchanted is an exquisitely written Latino love poem,” Mary writes. “This eloquent waterfall of words and flawless storytelling is beautifully dramatized because of collaboration between Barksdale Theatre and the Latin Ballet of Virginia, which brings the flavor of authentic Latin theatre to Richmond.”

Here are some review quotes we’ll be pulling:

A Masterwork of the human experience
Eloquent, Enchanting, Refreshingly Real
Flawless Storytelling ~ Full of Hope and Bitter Sweetness
A MUST SEE for lovers old and new!”
--Mary Burruss, STYLE Weekly

Hope to see you at the theatre.

--Bruce Miller

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