Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Boleros for the Disenchanted" Earns a Rave

Posted by Bruce Miller
Boleros for the Disenchanted opened Friday night surrounded with gala celebrations, and our first review appeared in this morning’s Times-Dispatch. Few things are more rewarding (and more of a relief) than to go through a rigorous tech week and then read a rave review prominently featured in the Metro Section of Sunday morning’s paper.

Here are the review quotes we’ll be pulling from this morning’s review:


Funny yet poignant,
Boleros touches a universal chord

A Comedy with the Ring of Truth

Acted with Brilliance:
Patricia Duran and Jorge Alberto Rubio dazzle
with their searingly honest portrayals.

Carmen Zilles is deeply affecting.

Luis Vega is endearing.

Bernardo Cubria is a delightful heartthrob.

Michelle Guadalupe is a coy spitfire.

Beautifully, feelingly directed by Bruce Miller.

A delicious, funny, heartbreaking journey

Love Abounds!”

--Susan Haubenstock, Richmond Times-Dispatch

It would be impossible for me to give too much credit to this outstanding cast. The theatrical process frequently astounds me. Five and a half weeks ago, I had yet to meet or hear of a single one of my cast of six. Then in two days of NYC auditions, I picked them from nearly a hundred auditionees, and ten days later they began arriving in Richmond for a whirlwind round of rehearsals. During the last three weeks, we’ve spent a LOT of time together. We’ve discussed all the things you discuss when mounting a show with this emotional depth, and we’ve become good friends.

Tricia, Jorge, Carmen, Luis, Bernardo and Michelle are six of the most talented actors with whom I’ve ever had the privilege of working. They have helped me immeasurably to understand the rhythms of Jose Rivera’s beautiful script. Together with our designers and our partners in the Latin Ballet, I think we’ve mounted a first-class production of this major new play.

I hope you will all come to see Boleros for the Disenchanted. It's a beautiful play, the first in our three year commitment to Richmond’s growing Latino community. Our Hispanic Theatre Project is exciting and important, and Boleros is funny and very moving. I’m especially proud to be a part of it all.

--Bruce Miller

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