Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sports Jocks Prove Loesser is More

Posted by Bruce Miller
On Sunday, July 13, two of our Guys set aside their Dolls for the moment to host their own hour-long sports talk show on WRNL Sports Radio 910 as part of the station’s annual Walk on Week. Who says actors aren’t manly and multi-talented? The Guys, of course, were those sports aficionados extraordinaire, Scott Wichmann and Mark Persinger, who play Nathan Detroit and Big Jule respectively.

If you’ve ever spent more than a minute around these two nuts, you know they can talk sports with the best of ‘em. Now you can be their athletic supporters by going to to listen to all of the fine sports announcer wannabes and vote for the jocks you think come closest to hitting the jackpot. After you listen, I bet you’ll be as impressed by Scotty and Mark as I was.

What you can hear on line is the first 15 minutes or so of their banter. Scotty and Mark are so comfortable you'd swear they do this professionally. They're on a tear about Brett Favre, retiring (or not?) quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. I'm admittedly not a sports guy, but even I thought it was interesting.

The way the vote is running currently, Scotty and Mark are a full 5% points ahead of their closest competition. But let’s not leave anything to chance. Listen to all the entrants (we want to be fair after all), and then vote for your favorite.

If Scott and Mark win—and they certainly should come close—they will be given the opportunity to host again in August, which would be their second chance to live a dream-come-true.

Good goin’, Guys! You’re makin’ us all proud.

--Bruce Miller

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Persinger said...


Thanks for the support. Scott and I had a great time and we appreciate all the votes.

If folks want to listen and vote the best link is...

By the way, I'm sure many of our fellow cast members are rooting for us to get the chance to talk sports somewhere other than backstage at the show.

Keep Voting!