Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Burruss's Bravo in Brief

Posted by Bruce Miller
Our second review of Shirley Valentine came out today. It’s written by Mary Burruss and I think she liked it. But it’s really short—only two paragraphs. It’s paired, I imagine at her editor’s suggestion, with her four paragraph review of There Goes the Bride at the Mill.

Because of its brevity, it’s simpler to encapsulate than to pull quotes. Here it is:

“Barksdale Theatre’s Shirley Valentine at Hanover Tavern also inspires thoughts of escape. Jill Bari Steinberg is very good in this one-woman show—maybe too good. Steinberg’s characterization of Shirley, a middle-aged British housewife bedraggled by life, is so acute it runs the risk of nearly being drab at first. Funny lines get a bit lost in Shirley’s sad monotone, but director Amy Berlin’s decision to downplay the character nicely sets up the metamorphosis to come. Shirley decides to escape her dreary life to spend a holiday in Greece, and so begins the transformation that leads to her adventures.

The beauty of this play is in the message that new challenges are necessary in our lives to keep us vital. Shirley sums up the key to her transformation: ‘I’d fallen in love with the idea of living.’ And Steinberg convincingly takes us from middle-class life to a Mediterranean swim with a stranger. The play is an adventure worth taking.”

So, if you want to enjoy Jill Bari’s life affirming (and funny) adventures in the Greek Isles, call the box office today to order your tickets for a mini-vacation with maximum merriment.

See you at the theatre!

--Bruce Miller

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