Saturday, November 24, 2007

Harris-Jones Scores at First NYC Audition

Posted by Bruce Miller

I received a Happy Thanksgiving email from Robin Harris-Jones, late of Richmond now of NYC, reporting some great news. After practically just arriving in the Big Apple, Robin has been cast in a leading role at her first audition. No huge surprise there. Here in River City, Robin was definitely a young woman whose star was on the rise.

The photo shows Robin as an Ozian, in case you're wondering.

“Good news on my end,” Robin writes. “I got a theatre job! Off my first audition! I'll be headed down to Ft. Myers, FL in a couple weeks to play Cathy in The Last Five Years for Synergy Productions of SW Florida. Unless something goes terribly awry, I'm supposed to leave NY around Dec 3 with a run, I believe, Dec 17 thru Jan 27 at the Foulds Theatre.

The artistic director, Andrew Kurtz, is a busy bee - artistic director of 2 orchestras in Florida, an opera company in Philly, and a little music theatre company to boot!I can't wait to get back to work … and have a role I've wanted to play for a long time on my resume!!!!”
That's Maestro Kurtz's photo to the right--obviously a man who knows an amazing voice when he hears one.
Robin sends her best wishes to one and all for a happy holiday season.

--Bruce Miller


Thespis' Little Helper said...

Yay, Ruth! I mean, Robin! But you'll always be Ronald's Ruth. Someday when Austin's Bridge graces the stages of the Big Apple we'll be reunited! ;)

Robinitaface said...

Thanks, BC. love. We'll see what Bill C. has come up with in the newer edition!

Thanks Bruce - smooth talker!