Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer on the Sand

Many of you may remember a previous post sent in from our own P. J. Whiteway, who is stationed in Iraq with the Virginia National Guard. Those of us who know and love him like hearing and seeing the latest. For those who fall into that category, here's P. J.'s most recent email to family and friends, including several new photos of life on the blazing sands.

"Here are a handfull of random pictures that I thought everyone might enjoy! I'm still the same old goofy hyperactive P. J. Just letting you guys know this place has not changed me one bit. Miss you all like you wouldn't believe!!!

The first pic is me chilling (well, burning my buns off actually) on a humvee at the weapons clearing barrels right after coming in from a mission. The second is me trying to look like the heat is not bothering me before we put on all of our gear and cram into a humvee to go out on mission. Enough said.

#3 - I'm putting the gunner's harness on to get ready to go out on a reconnisance patrol for the night! I'm usually the TC (truck commander), but sometimes I throw on the harness and give my gunner a break from standing up on his feet in a turret all night.

#4 - This is my truck crew... my gunner PFC Michael and my driver SPC Carpenter.

#5 - The ROBOT---and some of the guys! We always test our equipment before going out on a mission. This fella is becoming our new best friend. When we see things out there in the desert that look like they maybe shouldn't be out there, this is the gadget we send across the sands to check things out. He can flip it over, kick the tires, whatever ... and we don't have to get too close. He's one of our little toys. One day he may be the toy that saves our butt.
#6 - Someone's got to wash all that dirt and mud off the truck. Its a daily task that I just love doing! Kinda like washing dishes at home--well maybe not.

That's it for now. Keep those good thoughts coming. All of us over here hope you guys have a great summer on a different kind of sand. Some with water near by.

P. J. Whiteway"


Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Let's send over a surge of robots ... and let the guys and gals come back home!

Scott Wichmann said...

I have to say that I am all for that!! These folks over there are our friends and neighbors, our loved ones, our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and most importantly, our future. Let's hope for their imminent, safe return from the dangers they face each day.

AnnaMarie said...

Godspeed, P.J.1 We are in awe of what you men and women do everyday.

Keep your head down and don't volunteer for anything you don't feel prepared to handle.

with love,
the Rossis