Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Return of the Tiller

On May 12, I wrote a blog entry about Adam Tiller, our wonderful Electrics Associate who wound up in the hospital on May 11 with a broken hip. It was a work-related accident, one that broke our heart as well as his hipbone. You can check the blog archives for the gory details, or just click the label Tiller at the bottom of this entry. After clicking that label, the May entry will appear immediately under this one, and you can scroll down to read it.

The good news … scratch that … the GREAT news is that Adam is BACK! Less than two months after his hip surgery, he started with us again on Monday, July 2, and he’s already working his healing hindquarters off at The Steward School, getting the lights ready for our upcoming production of Disney’s High School Musical.

So everything you've heard is true. You can't keep a good man down. Adam may not be rockin' and rollin' at full speed yet, but he's pretty darn close, and getting closer every day.

Welcome home, Adam. We’ve missed you and are thrilled to have you back on the team!

--Bruce Miller

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Adam. I saw you at the IDR of Into the Woods, and was THRILLED to see you up and about. Everyone on staff is thankful that you're recovering so quickly from your accident. We missed you while you were gone.