Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good News for Tom + Latest Reports as They Come In

Posted by Bruce Miller
Latest news as of Thursday 2 pm, Oct 13 - Marie McGranahan, Tom's daughter, reports that Tom will be going home from the hospital in a day or two. In about two weeks, the doctors plan to perform non-invasive surgery on his brain tumor. Basically, they're going to zap it with a gamma knife, keeping that thick skull of his intact. The hope is that the tumor is still small enough that this treatment option should eliminate it completely. It will be out-patient surgery. Visitation is still "family only," please. Tom is tired, and talking is difficult, mainly due to a raspy, sore throat caused by his recent aspiration.

Latest news as of Wednesday 5:30 pm, Oct 12 - Jackie Jones reports that Tom's son-in-law Gayle Turner says that Tom has begun talking. I know he's glad to have that ability back again!

Latest news as of Wednesday afternoon, Oct 12 - Marie McG, Tom's daughter, reports that Tom was taken off the ventilator this afternoon. He is breathing on his own, feisty and smiling at the family! Visitation is still family only, please.

Latest news as of Wednesday noon, Oct 12 - Tom's family would like Tom's friends to know that his doctors have determined that his collapse was due to a previously undetected brain tumor. Tom lost a kidney earlier this year to cancer. He is still in intensive care at St. Mary's, under heavy sedation. He is still not talking, but Kevin is unsure whether this is due to the sedation or the continuing effects of the brain tumor. Tom's doctors are doing tests to learn more about the tumor, and will provide care options to Tom and his family when those tests are completed. To the best of our knowledge, visitation is still family only.

Thank you for keeping Tom and his family in your prayers. We will continue to add updates to this post as they are provided by Tom's family.

Latest news as of Tuesday afternoon, Oct 11 - Tom has been stabilized at St. Mary's. His son Kevin reports that Tom was sitting up in bed (with some difficulty), mostly alert, attempting some give and take with the nurses (that's our Tom!), still not talking. Doctors have yet to determine exactly what is transpiring. I have no word regarding visitation.

Now here's the original post from Tuesday morning.

A million things are going on at Barksdale and Theatre IV this week, but none is more important than taking a moment to offer up a prayer for Tom McGranahan and his family.

Tom collapsed yesterday afternoon in the lobby at Barksdale Theatre at Willow Lawn around 3:50 pm. He had just finished setting up the chairs and tables for Coffee & Conversations. After a call to 911, the emergency medical technicians were there in about five minutes and Tom was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where he is being cared for now. I don't know his status regarding visitors.

There is not a more generous, caring and kind man in the world than Tom, who celebrated his 80th birthday just a few months ago. When anything happens, he never thinks "what can I get out of this?" He always asks "what can I do to help?"

When I last heard from Tom's family, the doctors still were trying to determine what was happening.

If ever there were a good Irish Catholic who believed in the power of prayer, Tom is that man. I hope and trust that all of us will hold Tom and his family in our hearts during this difficult time.


--Bruce Miller


Matthew Costello said...

So grateful for your post! I'll be weaving a mountain of prayers tonight for Tom. He has been a friend since the 1970's.

pnlkotula said...

Thank you Bruce - we'll keep the prayers coming. Please keep the updates coming, too. Sending love to the McGranahans!

Steven Koehler said...

Positive thinking, prayers, kind thoughts all going towards Tom and family. Such a wonderful man, thanks for the updates Bruce.