Friday, August 24, 2007

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Frown...

Posted by Bruce Miller

Great things are happening at the downtown Barksdale/Theatre IV office. Our beloved Sara Heifetz has come back to us to resume some of her former duties. She returns to Richmond after “a wonderful four years of personal and professional growth in the Big Apple.”

She’s come home, in part, “to grow something quite different, but hopefully no less of a contribution to the Richmond theatre scene.” Sara and her partner Carlos, a sound designer and audio engineer, are expecting their first “joyous bundle of stinky diapers and overdramatic tantrums” in mid-January, and they couldn’t be more thrilled—“nothing short of miraculous!”

Sara’s mother has been seriously ill for quite some time in Richmond, and Sara and Carlos have been traveling back and forth between NYC and Richmond every month. When they got the good news they decided to relocate to be closer to the family they both have here, and to give Grandma Heifetz “the healing energy only a grandchild can provide.”

If you ask why she moved back, Sara will unfailingly reply with a gigantic and slightly mischievous grin, “Cuz I got knocked up!” She is quite deliberate in refusing to allow me to stand on ceremony. Spunky sense of humor aside, the couple says this is a “perfectly timed blessing.”

It’s a blessing for us too, to have the ebullient Ms. Heifetz back in the office, looking lovelier than ever, by the way. She’ll be crunching numbers with a smile, assisting our new Operations Manager, Lucas Hall. Lucas took John Gotschalk’s place when John left a couple weeks ago to serve his stint as Mr. Mom so that his amazing wife, Alex, could return to her job as an architect. Sara is filling Lucas’s old position.

Welcome Sara! We can’t believe it’s been four years since you left. We’re thrilled to have you back on the team!

--Bruce Miller


JB said...

Yeah. So glad she came back to us. I am only one degree from Sara but (3 from Kevin Bacon)

Anonymous said...

YEAH SARA! Welcome back! How soon after the new arrival, can we expect to see you back onstage?

Anonymous said...

This is the best news I've heard all summer. I had no idea. Sara's back and all's right with the world!

Anonymous said...

Turn that frown
Upside down
Sara H is back in town!


Le Synge Bleu said...

Oh my! Clearly my parents have been paying people to write nice things about me online. It is soooo very lovely for my ego, however, and makes the whole moving process that much easier, so thank you! You made a pregnant woman blush down to her toes and smile like a gigantic fool. That's a good thing.

Anonymous, Hopefully I'll be able to be onstage BEFORE the blessed event, if anyone will cast a giant hippo, I'm definitely ready and willing and excited to work! If not, probably as soon as the new baby sleep deprivation halucinations stop.