Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Empire is Going Nutzy! What? No One's Surprised!

Posted by Bob Wall

"It's going to be even wackier than usual at the Empire today!" So states Sara Marsden, Marketing Director Extraordinaire of both Barksdale and Theatre IV.

As a kick-off event of the Empire's Centennial Celebration (our venerable home will turn 100 on Dec 25, 2011), the one and only Flying Squirrels will be filling our historic theatre with fans as they announce the winners of their "Nutzy is My Superhero Because ..." Art Contest.

It's FREE. And you're invited.

Bigger still, they'll be introducing their new Acorn Mascot during today's press event that begins at 2 p.m., sharing the stage with Theatre IV's beautiful set for The BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

"We have taken great pride in turning our unveilings into spectacles," said Flying Squirrels Vice President and COO Todd "Parney" Parnell. "With a setting like the historic Empire Theatre, and all of the talented folks at Theatre IV helping us out, this event will be just as memorable for those in attendance as Nutzy's introduction to Richmond!"

And it doesn't get much bigger or better than that.

The Flying Squirrels wide array of ballpark characters will be on hand to welcome the new Acorn Mascot, including Nutzy, the Vendortainers, the Molly Maids Dancing Drag Queens, and the Berks Wacky Hot Dog Vendor with Flingo the Flamingo. Fans in attendance should expect flying t-shirts, Crackerjacks, peanuts, and hot dogs.

We're not sure whether the adjective "flying" modifies "t-shirts, Crackerjacks, peanuts, and hot dogs," or just the t-shirts. You'll have to be there to find out. But if they have flying hot dogs, I'm bringing my mitt.

Please join us today for this fun community event, and help us celebrate the 100th Birthday of the Historic Empire Theatre--an upbeat theatre in downtown Richmond!

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