Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Raindrops on Roses

Posted by Bruce Miller
When I opened Outlook on my computer this morning, and went back a few days to finally read some old emails, I came across this message that Janine Serresseque forwarded to our entire staff on Monday. It made me grin like a little kid with a pony. Make that a cream-colored pony. I decided to cut and paste it here. Some days my job is really fun!

Everything from this point forward is copied from Janine’s forwarded email. I’ve left out children’s names and email addresses just cause that’s what seemed right.

Hi Everybody,
I'm forwarding this love letter to the entire staff. Here is proof that we rock.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashley Evans []
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 9:14 PM
To: Janine Serresseque
Subject: The Sound of Music

I thought I would start with you, since I have your email address from signing up my daughter, who will be participating in Stage Explorers again this Summer. Please pass this to whomever may be interested in my feedback.

Today, my husband and I took our daughter (10) and son (8) to see The Sound of Music….

Where to start… We were BLOWN AWAY
The play was OUTSTANDING in every way!
From the stage to the costumes to the voices to the story line! WOW

The attention to detail was so impressive….
Down to the looks, the expressions, and the scenes, as well as the quality of the voices of all ages and ranges.

It was such a treat and the kids had just watched the movie again recently “to be ready” and they were right there loving it and “in it” the entire time!

Maria and Mother Superior were so good it made you smile to listen, and you wanted to jump to your feet to applaud each time when they were done.

From a regular theatre lover in the audience, I just had to say something. You guys “nailed it” and you should be very very proud of yourselves.


Ashley Evans

Now this is me, Bruce again. THANK YOU, ASHLEY! I'm passing your kind words on to lots of folks who will be interested in your feedback.

And you "folks" out there, if you have yet to reserve your seats for The Sound of Music, I hope you will do so ASAP. The show really is as good as you're hearing. To break even, we need the support of about ten thousand of you.

With all the attention paid to the "Broadway" series at the Landmark, and all the marketing dollars spent, and all the costs that customers have to pay, it's really worth everyone's while to see how professional Broadway productions that originate right here in Richmond measure up.

Hope to see you at the theatre!

--Bruce Miller

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