Friday, March 6, 2009

Virginia This (Tuesday) Morning

Audra Honaker and Jan Guarino. Photos by Jay Paul

This Tuesday, March 17, Jan Guarino and Audra Honaker, from the musical comedy Mona's Arrangements, will be chatting it up on WTVR Channel 6 – the only live morning program in Central Virginia, Virginia This Morning, which airs from 8:55 - 10 AM.

Interviewing them will be co-anchors Greg McQuade and Julie Bragg. Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV actors have become favorite guests for Greg and Julie, because they always seem to have a lot of witty things to say!! Jan and Audra won’t be in costume, but they will project the lively, spunky spirit of Mona’s Arrangements.

Many thanks to Vogue Flowers for the beautiful flowers used throughout the show.
Thanks also to our season and show sponsors - The Supply Room Companies, JetBlue, Weinstein Properties, Union Bank & Trust and our media sponsor, the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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