Friday, August 15, 2008

RTP Announces Move to New Home

Posted by Bruce Miller
Three cheers and more for the Richmond Triangle Players. In the latest edition of their newsletter, Playergram, they announced that the rumors we’ve all been bandying about are true. RTP is acquiring a new home!

“A fabulous opportunity has been made available,” the article begins. “Following our Gala last September, Robb Moss came to us with the offer to make available a building for a new home. During the past eight months, the RTP Board has worked to make sure this would be the Next Stage for RTP. Architects, engineers, as well as legal and financial advisers studied the details to ensure a viable project. We have also received encouragement from some funding sources to help us get started.”

“We have now signed a lease for space that will become a 4,000 square foot performing arts facility. The plans call for a 90-seat theater, a graceful lobby, a generous bar, catering capability, and comfortable restrooms. The location is centrally located at 1300 Altamont Avenue, in historic Scott’s Addition, at the corner of W. Marshall Street, one block from Broad, and two blocks west of the Boulevard. The theatre will accommodate a stage that is double the area of the old one, with a high ceiling for proper lighting and technical equipment, backstage space and large dressing areas.”

“What we need now is to raise the necessary construction funds. Total cost is estimated at $500,000. In addition to capital costs, we hope to get commitments for $180,000 over the next three years to cover the additional costs of operating and maintaining the building.”

The first two shows in Triangle’s 2008-09 Season will be presented in a cabaret setting at Highwater Restaurant at Toad’s Place downtown on the Canal. The third production, Altar Boys, is searching for a “church setting in the Fan,” exact location TBA. Builders are telling the Triangle Board that their new facilities could be ready in “less than a year,” so the locations for the third show, opening in March, and the fourth show, opening in May, are yet to be determined.

Theatre IV purchased the historic Empire Theatre in 1986, a couple months into our 12th year of operations. Triangle has just celebrated its 15th season of successful operations. The time is right to move into a new home. Nothing energizes a Board of Directors more than an enthusiastic capital campaign, and nothing puts a nonprofit theatre company on the map more than new and improved facilities.

We wish our friends at RTP nothing but the best as they take this important and impressive step forward. Barksdale and Theatre IV will be happy to help out in any way we can.

--Bruce Miller

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